For Tangent’s Thighs Only REAL Knockout 1080 HD


The infamously brutal dominatrix, Goddess Tangent, has returned in the role of famed Bond villainess, Xenia Onatopp, in this violent scissor video. Bringing her slave into her element, the dungeon, Tangent begins his torment with a school girl pin. Shoving her prey off the bed and onto the floor, Tangent begins her interrogation for the…

Wonder Muscle


Goddess Samantha Muscle truly enjoys overpowering men and making them worship the very muscles that defeat and humiliate them. Samantha orders her opponent to try and resist her, but he is easily outclassed and thrown to the ground. Samantha haughtily orders him to feel and worship her superior muscles, and then subjects him to a…

Domina Nyx Greatest Hits HD

domina nyx greatesthitsgif

Domina Nyx Returns Domina Nyx makes her triumphant return to MMA Domination with a truly legendary beatdown. Clad in a skin tight leather jacket, she sizes up her prey as she circles him, her eyes gleaming with excitement. Once the first punch is thrown, her self-restraint vanishes; she strips down to a crop top, showing…

Hot Stuff Beatdown 1080 HD


ot Stuff” Hollie Dunaway is not only a 4 time world Female boxing champ, but she is also an experienced grappler who enjoys making men suffer from her strong legs. Hollie uses a series of punches and jabs to stun her oppenent, then uses her strong legs to effortlesly take him down to the mat….

From Megan Jones with Love 1080 HD


Megan Jones plays the infamous Xenia Onnatop in the cruel interrogation of a hapless agent who has a code that she wants – and will stop at nothing to get! Megan uses her powerful thighs to squeeze his poor head harder and harder, laughing as he slowly breaks under her power, giving out number after…

Rapture Boxing Beatdown HD


Ravishing Rapture, MMA Domination regular and legendary Amazon Goddess, returns for another punishing beatdown. Standing a rock-hard 5-foot-10, Rapture’s visual intimidation is unsurpassed, wearing black sports bra and snug booty shorts that reveal every succulent inch of her muscular ass! From the start, Rapture’s all over him like ugly on an ape, pounding him with…

Reina Simone Krav Maga Beatdown 2 REAL Knockouts


Shadowboxing in her dungeon themed gym, Dominatrix Reina Simone is sporting her purple boxing gloves as she begins to practice her Krav Maga strikes. Working up a good sweat, Reina becomes infuriated when she is interrupted by a creepy bald guy asking to teach him some moves. Reluctant at first, Reina finally gives in to…

Another One Bites the Dust HD


You want an unforgettable experience? How about a series of unforgettable experiences one after the other? Then you’d want to see Mistrix Ms E in action! Mistrix Ms E is an expert in delivering punishment through a series of brutal maneuvers involving a combination of rear naked chokes, figure fours and her favorite, headlocks. Going…

Domina Rex Beatdown


Meet Domina Rex the 5’0” 100 pound mixed martial artist. This petite powerhouse wanted to prove how a small girl can destroy a much larger male opponent, with precision, skill, and Sadism. Her hands are lighting quick and you can actually hear the incredible thud they make on impact during this vicious yet incredible show…

From Robin with Love 2 REAL Knockouts 1080 HD


Dressed in her sexy black lingerie, stockings, and gold high heels, the world famous Scissor Goddess, Robin, reprises the infamous role of Xenia Onatopp from Goldeneye. Leaping onto to the bed, Robin begins to interrogate her target for the secret passcode. Using the immense strength of her revered thighs, Robin begins to slowly squeeze the…

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