Mistress Alexis Kim is a professional Asian dominatrix who loves fucking guys up. Sporting a leather jacket and thigh high shiny PVC heeled boots, she Looks ready for her first ever beatdown video, anywhere. She starts punching her pathetic little sub right away, sporting small 4oz MMA gloves. Alexis Forces him to strip, mocking and humiliating him even further. Now the MMA gloves smack in to his bare flesh unmercifully, the hard punches echoing Through the room. Alexis rains down hard punches to the face, HARD kicks and more punches to the body, and even kicks to the balls (her favorite!). Slave boy's body not only turns red from the intense beating, but his nose begins to leak red too! That's not going to stop Alexis from continually punching him in the face, and once she's had enough of his annoying presence, she finishes him off with a HARD right hook that sends him to the floor. She then digs her heel in to his chest as he lay on the floor, still as a corpse and still leaking from his nose, in her victory pose. Gallery