Meet Amazon Venus who stands at an astonishing 5’ 11’’ and weighs in at 178 LBs of pure rock-hard muscle. Beginning the fight by touching gloves with her opponent, the alpha female quickly establishes dominance over her beta male with a thunderous right hand to his jaw. Following that up with a vicious left hook, the prodigious power of Venus is rocking the cranium of her slave. As she revels in her onslaught, Venus rhetorically asks, “did you think you could handle me?” while she proceeds to hammer her opponents’ ribs with a brutal kick. Next, rocking her punching bag with a thunderous right hand, he begins to weaken early on from the Amazonian strength. As the Ebony dominatrix possessively commands, “you are mine”, she continues to hammer her slave with rights and lefts to his ugly face. Loving nothing more than inflicting pain on another human being, the sexual sadist states, “this is turning me on now” as she follows that with a bone-crunching kick to her adversary’s ribs. Using her insurmountable power, Venus drops the slave to his knee with a savage left-right combination to his head. Venus then begins to hammer her slaves’ belly with a successive combination of punches so that he can barely stand anymore. Venus arrogantly calls her shot declaring, “I’m going to knock you the fuck out”, while she unloads a barrage to the body followed by a knockout right cross. With her slave a beaten heap on the floor, Amazon Venus stands foot on face with her red 8oz boxing gloves as she flexes her biceps in victory fashion in her emphatic MMA Domination debut.