Wearing no protective gloves and standing at 6 feet, Amazon Amber Black towers over her adversary in this MMA Domination Classic. Amber immediately has her slave staggering as she punches him with her bare knuckles with a one-two combination to the arm, followed by a vicious face slap. Amber then slams her slave against the wall as she unloads with vicious Muay Thai knees to his belly. Overwhelmed by her unparalleled power, Amber mockingly asks her slave, “Did you even know I hit this hard?” as she continues with the vicious onslaught. As Amber applies a perfect rear naked choke, she asks the pathetic loser “Do you want to go to sleep?” Hammering him with fierce kicks to the body, the sting of flesh-on-flesh is echoed throughout the room. The moron then has the audacity to asks, “Is that all you got?”, as he sends Amber into a state of rage as she cold cocks him in the face with her exposed appendages. Absolutely destroyed by one of the most powerful women on the site, the slave’s nose is leaking red plasma. Amber delivers a fatality to her slave with a brutal right hand to his carotid artery; but this doesn’t stop the Amazon’s savagery as she continues to pound him on the ground and even stomps on his skull with her foot. Having no choice from the immeasurable suffering but to utter the word “mercy”, Amber Black delivered an absolute annihilation as she flexes her biceps in victory stating, “I won”. Enjoy this MMA Domination Classic remastered in full 1080 HD for the first time ever.