Ashley Wildcat is here to wrestle! She's tall, she's strong, and she takes pleasure in hurting men who think they can wrestle her. She starts off with a vicious knee to the gut, then throws her wrestling dummy down to the mats. Ashley wraps her long legs around her victim's neck in a reverse headscissors, cranking hard and tight. How long will he last? Not very! Ashley starts this count and this wimp taps out after only a few seconds. Where's the fun in that? Ashley's learned even more ways to hurt people since last beating up this scrub, and she's all too happy to share her upgraded wrestling knowledge. Ashley sits on his face, then transitions to a knee on the throat, turn her victim's face beet red. Ashley laughs at his suffering, taunting him and applying even more pressure. She switches to another hold, mocking that he'd better tap or his arm may break. Ashley sits on top of him once again, then puts him through a variety of chokes, locks and scissors that make it look like the wimpering little wuss's head is going to pop!