Our Fearless Supreme Leader and international superstar, Astro Domina clad in black lingerie, returns to MMA Domination in this jaw-crunching scissor video. Quickly establishing dominance over her slave, Astro commands “roll around bitch” as she begins to crush his skull with her headscissors. While Astro brags about her scissor prowess, she points out the power that her ‘thick legs” have over the inferior male as she methodically applies a thigh choke to his throat. Next, her victim finds out the hard way that the woman of his dreams has the thick thighs of his nightmares as Astro applies a standing headscissors. As she transitions into a figure four headscissors, Astro cackles as the slave convulses from the immense pressure. Clamping on a classic reverse headscissors, the slave’s face begins to turn purple from the lethal thighs of his superior. Astro then clamps on a figure four as she commands her submissive to “struggle bitch,” while apathetically watching him flail in a futile attempt to save himself. Finally, Astro squeezes the last breath from her slave’s lungs as she puts the loser out of his misery. The Asian Dominatrix, with the million-dollar smile and legs of steel, taught this loser the hard way that thick thighs take lives.