Clad in her red boxing gloves, mixed martials arts phenom, Azul, makes her MMA Domination debut in this hard hitting POV beatdown. Simply stating that “I’m Azul and I’m here to kick your ass”, the fiery Latina swiftly unloads a precise combination to your face. Bragging about her unsurpassed power and speed, Azul sarcastically mocks your fetish as she rhetorically asks, “Do you like getting hit by a girl?” Next, Azul pounds your skull with uppercuts as she revels in your systematic destruction. Following a display of her frenetic pace, Azul boasts that “you’re not quick enough for me”. Sensing her slave is beginning to weaken from her relentless barrage of punches and struggling to maintain his balance, Azul begins to heckle you by stating, “You can’t keep up with the champion”. Jaded by your pathetic display, Azul knocks you out for good as she stands in triumph flexing over your battered and bruised face.