Bella Ink makes her long awaited return to MMA Domination in this brutal POV beatdown. As she pounds together her classic red boxing gloves, the topless Bella commands you to “put those gloves up.” Quickly establishing dominance with jabs and a cross, Bella follows it up with a powerful right hook that has you seeing stars. Relentless on the attack, Bella pursues with stiff uppercuts to your chin. Mocking just how feeble you are, the superior boxer decries again to “put those gloves up loser!” knowing full well that you are no match for her. As she knocks you down with a power punch, Bella towers over you with her 32 DDD tits exposed and her purple Muay Thai shorts while she begins to administer a 10 count. Taunting you for not posing a challenge whatsoever, Bella dares you to “knuckle up with me bitch,” as she swiftly hammers you with a right hand. Knocking you down yet again Bella begins to revel in her sadism as she supremely flexes her muscles over you. Hammering you with a brutal sequence of punches, the merciless Bella continues to administer a brutal ground and pound as she is unsympathetic of your well-being. Barely being able to make it up on your feet at a count of 7, Bella proceeds to unload a brutal successiveness of punches as she declares that it’s time for you to go “nighty nighty.” Reigning supreme yet again, Bella delivers the final knockout punch as she flexes her sexy biceps over your battered, broken body.