Scissor assassin Bella Ink scantily clad in black lingerie is furious with a guy who was sexually harassing her at the bar. Seducing him back to her room with the promise of a “warm welcome”, this loser is putty in Bella’s hands. Like a fly in a spider’s web the moron is quickly trapped in the sadistic thighs of Bella Ink. Next locking him in a front headscissors Bella is the epitome of dominance as this loser bit off way more than he can chew. Following that up with a “tight figure four”, Bella is out for sheer destruction of her prey. Next ensnaring the worm in a brutal reverse headscissors Bella is toying with him as he is gasping for air. Enduring sheer scissor agony, the slave begs Bella for “mercy”. To which the cold remorseless hit women authoritatively states, “I don’t fucking think so”. Beginning to bore with her slave Bella wants to end him as She clamps on a figure four and delivers the fatality as he snores and convulses from the relentless pressure on the carotid artery. Bella Ink reigns supreme over her slain victim who simply just another notch on this vicious assassin’s belt.