Fully remastered in 1080 HD Hellbent on disproving the misconception that “pretty muscle girls can’t fight,” the famed bodybuilder, Brandi Mae, puts her Muay Thai skills to good use in this brutal beatdown. Brandi quickly establishes dominance as she begins to hammer away on the belly and jaw of her human punching bag. Flexing her powerful right bicep, Brandi tries to pound a hole in her slave’s stomach. Showcasing her agility, Brandi Mae snaps off extremely powerful and effective kicks to the leg of her opponent, staggering him from the trauma. As she corners her prey against the wall, Brandi hammers him with intense combinations before dropping the loser with a right cross. Wanting to utilize every opportunity to destroy him, Brandi locks on a brutal standing headscissors. As the merciless bodybuilder commands her toy to “stand back up,” Brandi continues her onslaught by raining down upon him with significant strikes. Repeatedly hitting her opponent’s stomach, Brandi brags about wanting to “break his ribs.” Knocking him down with a punch to the face, Brandi Mae boasts about taking down her much larger adversary. Kneeling atop her broken victim, Brandi flexes her biceps in victory fashion stating, “I guess pretty muscle girls can kick ass.”