Remastered in Full 1080 HD Cheyenne Jewel is LIVID that the legitimacy of her fighting ability was called into question, and is out to prove a point by demonstrating her skills on this human punching bag. Clad in her karate GI, Cheyenne begins her onslaught by hammering her slave with bare-knuckled punches to the face and body. Following it with vicious bare foot kicks to the stomach, Cheyenne has her victim wincing from the sheer power as welts begin to form on his belly. Aroused by his agony, Cheyenne sardonically asks, “Not a fighter, huh?”, as she savagely smashes her knee straight into her slave’s nose. Working up lather, Cheyenne slowly removes her GI top and showcases her toned body. Utilizing her belt, Cheyenne whips the pansy ferociously and methodically wraps it around his neck to cut off his airways. Knocking her opponent flat on the mat with a kick to the face, Cheyenne sinisterly cackles and states, “That was a good one”. Demonstrating her revered ground game, Cheyenne locks in a textbook juji gatame arm bar as the bludgeoning continues until the slave can take no more. Proving empirically and indisputably that Cheyenne Jewel CAN fight; she stands triumphant and victorious over her slave.