Professor Robin is here to instruct you in the fine art of scissoring as she is dressed in her sexy blouse and pencil skirt. But needing to use her ‘body fully’, the stunning instructor strips down to her black lingerie to showcase the amazingness that lies beneath. Applying the basic headscissors, Robin methodically demonstrates what each muscle does as she squeezes her victim’s head between her deadly thighs. Applying a front scissor, Robin flawlessly teaches you her storied technique of adductors, quads, hamstrings, butt, and rotation, while her pupil convulses from a 100% REAL Knockout. For her next lesson, Robin showcases her reverse, making her pupil tap within seconds from the skull crushing pain. Placing her thigh and calf on the novice’s carotid artery, Robin effortlessly applies a textbook figure four. Utilizing the “science” of the hold, Robin wants to maximize her applicant’s pain while minimizing her effort. The innovative Professor Robin finishes her scissor lesson with a combination reverse and downward facing dog, forcing a quick tap from her near broken student. Flexing her strapping biceps – class is over bitch!