The 5’10’’ 160lbs mixed martial arts phenom Dez Desire makes her highly anticipated MMA Domination debut as she takes on the arrogant 6’0’’ 200lbs Lance Licatta in a mixed wrestling match. Stating, “you really think you can beat me in a wrestling match?”, the brazen Lance flexes his bicep in Dez’s face and remarks, “My arms are bigger than your head”. Unfazed by the size disadvantage, Dez immediately goes for the single leg take down, dropping her inferior to the mats. Struggling with all his might, Lance is no match for Dez’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as she quickly establishes dominance with omoplata, forcing Lance to submit and securing the first fall. Utilizing her signature arm triangle, Dez easily secures another submission. Clearly outclassed by the superior athlete, the muscle man is humbled by the unstoppable force that is Dez. Applying a triangle, the sexual sadist taunts her prey as she revels in his impending demise. Admitting defeat does not stop Dez’s onslaught, as a simple victory is not enough to satiate her ravenous appetite for inflicting pain. The stronger, faster, and smarter Dez Desire reigns supreme as she stands on the emasculated Lance while flexing in victory fashion.