Fully remastered into 1080 HD. The Queen of Extreme Electra and The Scissor Goddess Rapture form a dream scissor team in this MMA Domination classic. As Electra instantaneously establishes dominance, she demands to the pathetic loser, “Get over here you little bitch”. Clamping a standing headscissors on her slave’s feeble neck, Rapture orders him to kiss the feet of The Queen. Electra then takes control as she locks her pitiful prey deep between her lethal thighs that has crushed thousands of necks, while the Scissor Goddess sits on his stomach and punches him in the belly. Electra then cranks up the pressure by clamping on a figure four, while Rapture locks in an armbar to increase their toy’s agony. Still not satisfied, Electra locks in a standing reverse while Rapture applies a tight bodyscissors as both sexual sadists take pleasure in making the incompetent loser cry. The Scissor Goddess then locks in a deep neck scissors as the two beauties both take turns slapping their victim’s skull. Rapture states, “I think it’s time for a bodyscissor”, as she crushes her preys’ ribs while Electra crushes his cranium stating, “you get to be between two girls’ legs”. Bored with their useless toy, they finish off their slave for good as Rapture locks in a figure four and Electra simultaneously does a full weight butt drop, leaving their victim breathless. As two of the all-time greats revel in ecstasy, the incomparable duo of The Queen of Extreme Electra and the Scissor Goddess Rapture stand tall as undoubtedly two of the greatest of all time.