Dressed in her sexy lingerie and high heels, another world famous Scissor Goddess, the fiery redhead Sarah Brooke, reprises the infamous role of Xenia Onatopp from Goldeneye. Leaping onto her victim, Sarah quickly uses her thighs to ensnare his skull in a headscissors, as she begins to interrogate her pawn for the secret passcode. Slowly transitioning into a figure four headscissors, Sarah pulls back on her foot for added leverage, slowly siphoning the information from her target. Enraged that the idiot has the audacity to lie to her, Sarah slowly slips off her heels, and crosses her legs in an immensely tight straight headscissors. Demanding, “I need the numbers”, the Scissor Goddess applies a dreaded reverse headscissors. Bored with her slave’s insubordination, Sarah buries her calf muscle deep into his throat in a merciless figure four. Cutting off all the air from her helpless prey, Sarah causes her victim to convulse as she delivers her first 100% REAL knockout. As her slave begs for “mercy”, Sarah continues to squeeze harder as she callously states, “I don’t give mercy”. On the condition that she will spare his life, the target finally gives Sarah the elusive passcode. Her appetite for sadism not fully satiated, Sarah clamps on another nasty figure four. Ignoring her slave’s taps for his pathetic existence, the merciless Goddess refuses to let go until her second and final 100% REAL knockout. Apathetically stating “I terminated you anyways” - another Bond girl turned executrix has completed her mission.