Hannah Perez is about to bring the pain to her "pussy ass submissive" beat down dummy. Hannah not only viciously beats him, but verbally humiliates him to add insult to injury. Hannah shows great disdain for this wimpy ass meatbag, the disgust on her face evident while she nails him with vicious punches. Not going to fight back, you pussy? You gonna cry yet? The loud crack of Hannah's punches and kicks echo through the room, between her cruel beration of this wimpering wuss. Hannah is having quite a bit of fun with her human punching bag, socking him in face, chest and stomach. Hannah pummels him down to the floor, then mounts on top of him and beats him some more. You can see the flesh ripple as she hammers him in the back, the crumpled weakling not even trying to resist. After 10 minutes of hard pounding and degrdation, this asshole has the nerve to talk back and tell Hannah to give him her best shot on his chin. Hannah wastes no time, winds up and knocks his bitch ass out with a hard right hook. Hannah then takes off her "work gloves", and puts her foot on his back for a victory pose.   Gallery