The highly anticipated debut of Keri Spectrum is finally here in this instant classic, boxing beatdown. As she commands her slave to enter the scene for his beating, Keri immediately emasculates the loser by calling him a “woman”. Keri quickly establishes dominance as she releases powerful rights and lefts to her opponents’ stomach and jaw as she is hellbent on annihilating him. Delivering vicious thrust kicks and a left hook to her victims’ head, Keri knocks him to a knee and immediately shows her grappling background as she applies a rear naked choke. Next, Keri methodically traps her prey in her infamously dangerous bodyscissors while she simultaneously pounds his exposed face. Ordering the loser back to his feet, Keri mercilessly continues her vicious onslaught of hard punches to his cranium. Mocking her pitiful slave for “crying about it”, Keri’s ravenous appetite for sexual sadism intensifies. Finally, Keri Spectrum eradicates her inept opponent with a knockout right cross, as she stands foot on face flexing her biceps in victory fashion, in her incomparable MMA Domination debut.