Making her MMA Domination debut, the famed Riot Starter quickly establishes dominance in this mixed wrestling match as she efficiently subdues her slave with a figure four headscissors. As Riot begins her methodical destruction of her opponent, she pulls her slave’s hair to further crank his neck in discomfort as she clearly revels in beating up incompetent boys. Basking in her masochist’s high pain tolerance, Riot inquires, “I wonder how much it takes to make you tap?” Next, the long-legged beauty applies a straight headscissors as she systematically wraps her hands around her prey’s chin to increase his agony. Seductively commanding him to “stay right there”, Riot smoothly transitions into a reverse headscissors where she crushes her prey’s skull deep between her lethal thighs. Slowly increasing the intensity of her squeeze, Riot watches remorselessly as her prey’s face is turning bright purple from the insurmountable power of her legs. Riot then reaches back to grab her foot to increase the pressure and give her slave an up-close view of her thong bikini. Bored with only utilizing her legs, Riot orders “sit up chump”, as she maniacally cackles while clenching her adversary’s throat in a rear naked choke. Elongating the choke for her sexual pleasure, Riot remarks, “each breath getting weaker and weaker”, finally procuring the elusive tap out as her wounded prey gasps for oxygen. For the grand finale, Riot returns to the reverse headscissor which made her world famous, crushing her prey’s skull to near extinction. Riot then steps on the motionless body while flexing her biceps in victory fashion stating, “I’m Queen of the Castle”.