Snip Snip Lia’s Thighs Are Fleshy Scissors There is a reason why women and scissors are dangerous. And when Lia wraps her legs around your head, well… let’s just say that’s an effective way of snipping your manhood goodbye. In this video, you can hear the slave moaning and groaning in pain as those powerful thighs cut off the circulation of blood to his brain. This is brutal. He taps almost crying while she continues adding pressure on. I wonder how many times he blacked out. There is no time for sleeping when this woman goes to town on you. She will slap you awake. Not once. Not twice. Several times til she is sure she has your full attention. And once she is done, you will have to lick her foot to thank her. For sparing your life and putting you through a ton of excruciating punishment. Lia is the best. Snip snip.