Making her MMA Domination debut, the lithe, but powerful, Madison Swan dominates her “personal play toy” with her revered thighs as she immediately establishes dominance with a standing reverse headscissors. Madison derives in pleasure as she quickly inflicts pain and weakens her prey stating, “I like squeezing your big old head”, while he is trapped in a standing headscissors. Madison next applies a figure four headscissors and has her victim’s face turning purple from her deceptively strong scissors. Metamorphosing in her dreaded reverse, Megan has her feeble prey holding on for as long as he can before tapping from the immense pressure. As Megan locks in another figure four, she urges her opponent to “tap” while she mercilessly continues the headscissor. Wanting to finish her prey with a “nice figure four”, Madison showcases her litheness as she grabs her foot for added pressure, while her sinewy legs squeeze on her victim’s carotid artery. Squeezing at full power, Madison has her docile prey tapping to save his wretched life. Madison Swan stands triumphant atop her fallen foe while flexing in victory fashion - “That’s a good little play session”.