The infamous Mag Pie returns to MMA Domination in this lopsided mixed wrestling match. The bodacious Domme quickly takes control of the situation by ensnaring her prey in a triangle choke. Next, locking on a guillotine, Mag Pie authoritatively states to her pathetic slave, “I will rip your head off”, forcing him to tap out from the pressure. The sexual sadist revels in arousal as she begins to apply a textbook headscissors to her victim. Thirsty to showcase her Jiu Jitsu background, Mag Pie locks in the excruciatingly painful omoplata. Dominating her victim in every imaginable way, Pie utilizes a crucifix, quickly forcing her weakened adversary to tap for his worthless life. As the opponent continues to futilely struggle against the superior skilled Mag Pie, she takes his neck and puts him into a rear naked choke. Relishing her conquest, the fearless Mag Pie straddles her submissive while flexing her biceps in victory fashion.