Meet Hurricane Maria Marley the combat sports prodigy making her MMA Domination debut in this classic display of violence. Clad in her black gi and MMA gloves, Maria quickly establishes dominance, as she hammers her adversary with vicious punches to the stomach and chest. Showcasing her all-around game, Maria demonstrates her knowledge of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as she locks in a textbook Juji Gatame arm bar, easily forcing a tap before snapping his arm in two. Quickly working up a sweat, Maria removes her gi top revealing her stunning body in a pink bikini. Unloading with savage punches, Maria topples the behemoth to a knee with an expertly placed body shot. Her appetite for sexual sadism never satiated, Maria pounds her slave with savage elbows, and a brutal uppercut to the jaw. The power of Maria’s strikes are on full display as she floors her human punching bag with a flawless left hook square on the jaw. A barrage of backfists to the stomach and chest before connecting squarely on his chin staggers the much larger adversary. As Maria just continues the onslaught locking his arm in “side control”, Maria whales away at the exposed ribcage leaving visible welts from her carnage. Snapping off vicious kicks to the belly, you can hear the battering of human flesh echo across the room. Knocking her slave off his feet with an uppercut to the jaw Maria follows that up with a left cross on the way down for good measure. The sadist unsatisfied with simply a knockdown, clamps on a rear naked choke and apathetically asks “Ready for bed?” and refuses to break the hold until she delivers a 100% REAL knockout, leaving him a snoring convulsing mess on the mats. Standing foot on face and posing in victory fashion.