Hurricane Maria Marley returns to MMA Domination in this high-octane mixed wrestling clip. Not wasting anytime, Maria quickly sweeps the leg of her much larger opponent and takes him down to the mats for a grappling clinic. Transitioning into an armbar, Maria cranks his appendage at full strength causing the slave to immediately scream in agony and quickly tap out. Next, Maria cranks her slaves’ neck in a figure four headscissors as she emasculates her adversary for giving up so easily. Clasping on a reverse headscissors, the long-legged Latina squeezes at full power as she crushes her prey’s skull. Then, as she locks in a standing headscissors, the remorseless Maria Marley asks, “how long can you take it?” as it is evident that she wants to prolong her victim’s suffering to satiate her appetite for sadism. Infuriated with her slave’s inability to not tap for mercy, Maria becomes aroused as the loser states, “ignore the taps,” a request that she is happy to oblige. Maria is out to severely injure this bitch as she brutally stretches his neck beyond its limits in a guillotine chokehold. Lastly, for the grand finale, Maria locks her enfeebled slave in a reverse headscissors and breaks her toy for good. Hurricane Maria Marley manifests herself as she blew through Chicago destroying everything in her path.