The scintillating mixed martial artist, Hurricane Maria Marley, returns to MMA Domination to beat your ass POV style. Dressed casually in jeans and a tank top, Maria ridicules your fetish by stating, “You’re back to get beat up by a girl again.” Wanting to rearrange your hideous face, the southpaw begins by hammering you with powerful jabs. Honing her technique from years of Taekwondo, Maria channels The Karate Kid by rocking you with a crane kick to the cranium. Knocking you to the ground for the first time with her power kick, Maria delivers a sadistic and unforgettable ground and pound. As she floors you to the mats once again, Maria continues the onslaught with savage hammerfists which are followed by her signature “pointy bitch elbows”. Your inability to mount any offense you “weak little loser boy” has only angered the sadistic beast that lives inside the mixed martial artist. Working up a sweat, Maria removes her tank top and exposes her bare breasts to her pathetic, incompetent, adversary. Bludgeoning you with left crosses, Maria apathetically asks, “Is It time for you to go to bed?” as she delivers the perfect knockout punch in sheer and utter victory.