The infamously homicidal Asian Dominatrix, Miss Jasmine, returns to MMA Domination in this horrific scissor clip. Jasmine quickly orders her slave onto the bed as she sarcastically states, “I’m going to be nice to him” while she proceeds to lock on her first headscissors. Next, Jasmine ensnares her prey in her dreaded reverse headscissors, and proceeds to crush his skull with her revered thighs. Enraged that the gym in her hotel is closed, Jasmine states “You will serve as my human thighmaster,” as she begins to tone her legs at the expense of her servant. Loving a challenge, Miss Jasmine clamps on a straight headscissors and begins to squeeze with extreme prejudice as she is determined to deliver a fatality on her adversary. Then, as she locks on a figure four to her prey, Miss Jasmine is moaning with ecstasy as her thighs grip tighter and tighter on her target’s carotid artery. Refusing to release until she makes good on her promise, Miss Jasmine leaves her slave convulsing from a fatality. Still not satisfied, Jasmine continues her onslaught as she hangs her adversary’s head off the bed and clamps on a tight reverse scissorhold. Finishing her slave off with another figure four, Jasmine breaks her piece of exercise equipment and admires the handiwork done by her powerful thighs.