The horrifically sadistic Asian dominatrix, Miss Jasmine, makes her MMA Domination debut in memorable fashion. Honing her proficient Muay Thai skills in the gyms of Thailand, Jasmine starts the brutality with a left jab to her victim’s chin, followed by a right cross to his nose. Commanding the scene from the get-go, Jasmine asks her human punching bag, “Are you going to be a little bitch?” as she proceeds to kick him square in the ribs, succeeded with a left hook to the head. Hammering her opponent with brutal knees, Jasmine loves displaying her mastery of the Art of the 8 Limbs. Ratcheting up the intensity, you can hear the thud of Jasmine’s 8oz boxing gloves with every methodical strike to her opponent’s body. With a barrage of punches to the face and a snap kick to the body, Jasmine knocks her battered slave to the floor in agonizing pain. As Jasmine notices the red liquid leaking from her preys’ nose, it arouses the primal nature in the sexual sadist causing her to kick and punch even harder. Fully submitting to Miss Jasmine, the slave brazenly states, “anything for you,” causing his mistress to kick him in the stomach at maximum power. Unleashing a flurry to the body, Jasmine follows by a knockout right cross to his temple. Standing foot on broken face in victory, Miss Jasmine debuts in horrifying fashion