The nefarious Nikki Next returns to MMA Domination in this brutal beatdown. Rocking her slave’s jaw with a series of right crosses and left hooks, it’s abundantly clear that Nikki gets aroused by inflicting pain on the inferior sex. The steely-eyed beauty is all business as she agilely scales her victim’s back, and locks in a signature rear naked choke. Pressing her lithe arms against the carotid artery, Nikki refuses to release until her opponent is snoring and convulsing. Her appetite for sadism still not satiated, Nikki continues to unload nasty lefts and rights to the jaw of her submissive. Catching her victim flush on the jaw with a right cross, her slave crumbles to the floor from the power. Following up the knockdown with a brutal ground and pound, Nikki tenderizes the flesh of her opponent’s fat belly. Dazing him with a left cross, Nikki seizes the opportunity to showcase her infamous leg strength by clamping on a callous standing headscissors. Applied with expert precision, Nikki continues to squeeze as her slave snores from a 100% REAL knockout. Regaining consciousness, Nikki sends a savage left hook to her adversary, dropping the poor idiot to the ground again. As Nikki takes the poor souls back, she locks in a rear naked choke and doesn’t release until her slave is once again snoring from a second 100% REAL knockout.