Stretching her revered legs on the bed, Stone Cold Nikki Next commands her “little bitch” to come suffer her wrath. Immediately trapping her senseless prey in a standing headscissors, Nikki surprises him by the lethal damage her sinewy legs can cause. Nikki Next applies a standing headscissors, and is an absolute master when it comes to using her entire body to cause maximum pressure to her victim’s cranium. Counting with her fingers and timing it perfectly, Nikki delivers a fatality that leaves her slave snoring. In awestruck, her inept slave wakes up by simply stating “wow” to the mesmerizing goddess as she forces him to kiss her magnificent thighs. Ordering her slave to lay on the bed, the relentless Nikki clamps on her revered reverse headscissors as she squeezes tightly, having no regard for his wellbeing. Bossing her slave to “lift your head up”, Nikki places maximum pressure on the carotid artery causing a 2nd fatality. As her slave comes to yet again, the ruthless Nikki immediately steps on his throat forcing him to instantly tap from the immense pain. Going back to her signature reverse, Nikki does not break the hold until her feeble prey is snoring from a 3rd fatality. As the woozy blob can simply mutter “damn” as he slowly comes back to his senses, it is clearly evident that Nikki Next is one of the all-time greats as she continues to reign supreme in this remorseless scissor video.