“I’d stay down if I were you” This is what Pandora playfully says as she throws lightning punches powerful enough to put a grown man on the ground. You wouldn’t think this pint-sized pixie at 5’1”, weighing in at a puny 115 lbs could knock anyone down with her quick punches that sound just like the pitter patter of tiny puppy feet. Powerful, pitter pattering puppy feet. Pandora starts off by warming up with an imaginary skipping rope before entering the imaginary ring. She slowly dons the purple stained boxing gloves. Her slow deliberate movements misleading opponents to think she’s hesitant. Afraid even. She puts on a pretty wicked smile. The imaginary bell rings. Her punches come in slow at first. Playful powerful jabs belying the strength behind her flying fists. One. Two. Three. She throws a mean right cross straight to the side of the head. Bam. Like a pirate sprayed with pixie dust her foe falls down to the ground. She doesn’t even wait for him to get up before she lands another punch or two. “Really” she asks “You’re still gonna get up? “This is not gonna end well for you” Bam.