Fresh off knocking her victim out cold in a boxing beatdown, the interracial beauty, Dominatrix Reina Simone, forces her slave to worship the sweaty feet that just kicked his ass. Rubbing her perfect size 8.5 soles all over the loser’s face, Reina forces him to inhale the grotesque scent of her sweaty feet. Wanting to “feel your tongue,” Reina forces her slave to open wide as she shoves her foot deep into his mouth as she enthusiastically watches him gag. Wanting to remove all the “salty sweat,” Reina forces the sycophant to lick deep between her sexy pedicured toes. Removing her boxing gloves, Reina forces him to inhale the stench of her foul-smelling hands, while simultaneously limiting his oxygen with hand over mouth play. Domineeringly commanding the creep to “Suck on my heel,” Reina forcefully shoves the back of her foot down his throat. Thoroughly enjoying the foot worship, Reina Simone apathetically states to her slave, “That’s all you get,” as she walks away leaving him suffering in the agony of defeet.