Wanting to break in her brand-new pair of boxing gloves, interracial beauty, Reina Simone brings in her human punching bag for the most brutal beatdown of the centurion. The Krav Maga practitioner makes good use of her training as she repeatedly bludgeons her slave’s chest. Clenching her prey by the neck, Reina unloads Muay Thai style knees to the exposed solar plexus. Knocking the fat lug to his knee with a right cross, the sinister Reina continues to punch and kick the helpless loser while he is down. As her opponent recovers, the dominatrix begins to hammer him with lightning fast combinations to the body. As she finishes her onslaught with a right cross to the head, Reina knocks her pathetic adversary to the floor as she commands, “You’re going to take it like a little bitch.” Attacking her opponent with her signature kicks, Reina is utilizing her full arsenal to systematically destroy the inferior male. Bashing her inept slave to the floor with another vicious right cross, Reina dominantly stands on the weakling’s chest and humiliates him stating, “You’re getting beat by a girl.” Beating her slave’s chest with vicious backfists, the damage is evident as red welts begin to form from the powerful blows that Reina is delivering. Continuing the onslaught with kicks and textbook punch combinations, Reina finally puts the deadbeat out of his misery with a brutal knockout punch. Standing victorious with her foot atop her defeated slave’s face, Reina Simone flexes her bicep as she revels in the thrill of victory.