Riot Starter is truly motivated to kick your ass in this POV boxing beatdown. Starting out the gate, Riot asks, “What’s up little pussy?” as it is evident that she is only satisfied with annihilation. Delivering a lethal right uppercut, you immediately blackout and try to regain your vision as Riot continues to pummel you. Kicking you in the skull, Riot’s infamously long legs are on full display during this beatdown. Unleashing savage rights and left crosses, Riot continues to emasculate you for being a “pathetic loser”. Relishing in the sexual pleasure she gets from dominating an inferior male, Riot clearly knows you are beneath her. Riot continues her onslaught as she laughs at your “sad existence” and is gratifying in the sadistic pleasure as she weakens you with the constant pummeling from her red boxing gloves. Getting bored with utilizing you as her human punching bag and “that stupid look on your face,” Riot is gearing up to put you down for good. Decimating your face with vicious punches, Riot knocks you on the floor and delivers a ground and pound for good measure. As you lay battered on the floor, Riot flexes over your fallen body and leaves you pondering on what is more bruised…your face or your pitiful male ego?