The trailblazing California blonde bombshell, Robin Fightbabe, returns to MMA Domination in this mixed wrestling clip. Immediately establishing dominance, Robin shoves her much larger opponent onto the mattress and traps him in a schoolgirl pin. Next, she meticulously applies her straight headscissors as Robin is in total control of her adversary, forcing him to tap-out in less than 45 seconds. Easily securing her second submission with a Juji Gatame armbar, it is abundantly clear that Robin is the superior grappler. As she places the loser in a headlock, Robin emasculates her slave as she smothers him with her breasts. Robin then expertly cinches in a guillotine while apathetically stating, “No snoring,” while her slave frantically gasps for oxygen. Now the Yoga Practitioner realizes how effortless it is to beat her pathetic opponent and proceeds to dominate him in innovative and painful holds. “Are you ready” Robin asks as she applies a textbook RNC and bodyscissors combo, securing her indomitable 8-0 lead. Relentless, Robin drives the balls of her feet in her slave’s carotid artery as she utilizes her feet to suppress his airways. For the coup de grãce, Robin showcases her excruciating triangle as she ignores her foe’s prayers for mercy and leaves him conquered and defeated. Robin Fightbabe flexes her biceps in victory fashion standing atop her opponents’ lifeless body and states, “I think he’s out for the count”.