Clad in her Daisy Dukes and white tank top, with her hands barely taped up, the infamously brutal redhead, Sarah Brooke, returns to MMA Domination to deliver a heinous beating. Sardonically asking, “are you ready for this?” Sarah quickly begins slapping the face of her adversary. Taking her much larger victim to the mat, the undisputed Queen of Catfighting quickly establishes dominance as she viciously jabs the point of her elbow into his shoulder blades. Hammering his jaw, the pain of each shot is magnified by the fact that Sarah’s bare knuckles are exposed. Sarah then begins to unload the full force face punches as she straddles her prey’s neck. Twisting his appendage in a modified arm-bar, Sarah revels in her handiwork as she states, “look at that”, pointing out the welt forming on her slave’s face. Ripping off the shirt of her adversary, Sarah begins to pound his exposed belly causing him to let out a piercing screech of agony. Followed by precise kicks to the stomach, Sarah has the area turning a bright shade of pink from the vicious punishment she is administering. Working up a sweat, Sarah removes her top as she exposes her bare breasts. Aroused by inflicting pain to her prey, the sexual sadist clobbers the loser’s cheekbone with powerful right hands. Wrapping an arm around his neck, Sarah apathetically asks, “are you worried?” as she locks on a savage rear naked choke. As she next applies a textbook figure four headscissors, The Queen of Catfighting takes advantage of the incapacitated degenerate and bludgeons his exposed face. Locking in another chokehold, Sarah delivers the coup de grãce as she ignores the loser’s taps for mercy and refuses to release the hold. Delivering a 100% REAL fatality, Sarah leaves her prey a discombobulated, convulsing mess as she stands foot on face in raw unadulterated triumph - flexing her bicep in victory fashion.