Standing at a robust 5ft 11in, the Amazonian powerhouse, Scarlett Devine, takes total control in this mixed wrestling domination. Quickly establishing dominance, Scarlett takes her large but weaker adversary to the mat with a guillotine choke. As she utilizes every inch of her long legs, Scarlett admires how quickly the slave’s face is turning purple from her lethal headscissors. Reveling in her supremacy Scarlett begins the methodical destruction of her victim as she clamps on another excruciating headscissors. Methodically taking his back, Scarlett locks in a vicious bodyscissors and rear naked choke combination while taunting her slave - “Do you want to go out?” Clasping on a figure-four headscissors, the commanding Scarlett humiliates the pathetic loser by forcing him to say, “Look mom, I can take it”. The dominatrix then utilizes her full weight for added leverage as she sits atop her preys back and cranks on his neck in a sadistic camel clutch. Covering up his airways while simultaneously locking in a standing headscissors, Scarlett forces her opponent to endure some hand over mouth breathplay. Smothering him deep into her large breasts, the Amazonian does not let up until her prey has breathed its last and final breath. Standing foot on face, the bodacious and beautiful Scarlett flexes in victory after a vicious 20-minute ass-kicking. Through brute Amazon strength, high levels of intellect, and sheer sexual sadism – it is crystal clear who the octagon belongs to