Sheena, Queen of Hungary, is reminiscent of Sarah Connor from The Terminator, clad in her white tank top, black jeans, and fists taped ready for battle. Wasting little time, the hellacious Hungarian hammers her slave with punches and knees; followed by a spinning kick to the jaw that drops the pathetic loser to the ground. Wrestling her opponent on the mat, Sheena batters his stomach with a vicious ground and pound. Choking the pitiful slave with his own belt, Sheena seductively asks him, “Do you want mercy? I’m not finished yet with you”. Done toying with her prey, the real onslaught begins as the highly trained martial artist beats him with rapid fire punches and kicks to his head and stomach. As the merciless Queen of Hungary lifts the poor soul off the ground with his own shirt, she delivers rib crackling kicks to his midsection. Ripping off her tank top to display her black brassiere, the jacked beauty’s muscles are on full display as she methodically straddles her prey in a schoolgirl pin while delivering punches repeatedly to his jaw. While Sheena effortlessly applies a rear naked choke to her opponent, she states, “I’m gonna knock you out!” Tightening her hold, she eagerly watches as the body of her prey goes limp, and he lies convulsing on the floor from a 100% REAL Knockout. The fierce and malevolent Queen stands foot on face of her prey’s lifeless corpse while flexing her ripped biceps in victory fashion. An unparalleled combination of raw athleticism, martial arts skill, unbridled brutality, and Eastern European beauty - Sheena is in a league of her own.