Wasting zero-time, Sheena Queen of Hungary starts hammering her opponent Brian with vicious face punches; and with absolute annihilation from the start, she drops Brian with a knee to his stomach in just 14 seconds. Just getting started, Sheena pounds her opponent with a vicious right hand to his ear, and immediately showcases her Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills by locking in an armbar threatening to “break his fucking arm”. The bullying continues as Sheena hammers the head of her grounded foe with powerful combinations. Next, the relentless, evil Hungarian kicks her incompetent rival directly in the skull as he groans in agony. Utilizing her grappling prowess, Sheena immobilizes her enemy and begins to pound him with powerful strikes to his exposed belly. The merciless Sheena then transitions into a textbook rear naked choke where she has her prey tapping for his life and gagging for air. Finally, Sheena delivers the final knockout punch as she stands on the loser’s throat and flexes victoriously. Bigger, stronger, faster - Sheena Queen of Hungary returns to MMA Domination with a vengeance.