Sheena, Queen of Hungary, wants you the viewer to experience her powerful kicks and punches up close in personal in her FIRST EVER POV beatdown. Wearing her GI, Sheena proudly displays her black belt in Judoka. Wanting you to feel her 143lbs of pure, solid muscle, the Queen begins her onslaught with vicious jabs. Smelling your pathetic fear, Sheena showcases her incredible flexibility by snapping off a nasty kick to your worthless jaw. Dropping you with a head kick, Sheena sadistically laughs and states "You’re fucking weak". As she fires off a flawless jab, followed by a cross and uppercut combo to your disgusting face, Sheena boastfully declares, "Nobody can beat up Sheena, NOBODY!"  With a barbaric head butt delivered straight to your nose, the Queen leaves you staggering while she continues her rapid fire attack. Working up a sweat from battering your frail skull, Sheena removes her GI top. Stripping down to a black sports bra, the Queen of Hungary showcases her perfectly sculpted muscles by flexing for you unworthy trolls. Now enraged by your inferiority, Sheena really brings the pain as the punches and kicks come faster and with more force. Knocking you to the mat, the remorseless Sheena commands "Get up bitch!" Taking pity on you, she removes her GI pants to let you incompetent failures stare at her perfectly toned legs. Flooring you again, Sheena brutally stomps on your face with her bare feet and delivers axe kicks to your prone body. Commanding you to your feet one last time, the Queen delivers a ruthless final barrage that sends you to the ground for good. Sheena slams her foot on your lifeless carcass, leaving you to drool over her flawless physique. Flexing her biceps in victory triumph, the Queen of Hungary states, "You’re next!"