Nikki Next is stone cold, showing no mercy or emotion for her wrestling victim. Nikki is cranking, pulling, and crushing her victim's windpipe with a variety of scissors, rear naked chokes, and other vicious holds in her wrestling repertoire to put him completely to sleep. Coiling like a rattlesnake ready to strike Nikki takes her opponents back and locks in a rear naked choke. Nikki cuts off the supply of oxygen to his cartoid artery, and delivers a 100% REAL knockout. Apathetically asking "Did you go for a little nap?", Nikki is utterly remorseless as she continues with yet another rear naked choke, and not letting go until delivering her 2nd 100% REAL knockout. Don't preach your moraltiy to her, Nikki Next doesn't have any compassion. You want mercy? Take your ass to church.