The long awaited and highly anticipated debut of The Astro Domina to MMA Domination is in full effect in this brutal beatdown. The sinful Asian dominatrix wastes no time stating, “I’m here to kick his ass”, as she begins to whale away at the goliath. Hammering her victim with a right hook to the jaw, he is quickly stunned and dazed. Without hesitation, the onslaught continues as Astro pounds his stomach with punches which are followed by powerful kicks to his solar plexus. As her human punching bag begins to weaken from the power of Astro Domina, she sends a powerful hit to her victim’s nose which has the hapless loser seeing stars. With no absence of malice, Astro states, “you look so scared”, as she proceeds to batter the idiot’s face. Mocking his swollen manhood, Astro sadistically begins to punch him below the belt. Shredding his tank top to show his battered chest, Astro Domina commands him to stay still as she donkey punches him in the back. The relentless dominatrix then delivers a thrust kick to her adversaries’ gut with such sheer force; it knocks her victim off camera. Turning her washed up slave towards the camera; Astro wants everyone to see the redness of his belly that she has produced with her supremacy. Finally delivering a merciless knockout punch, Astro Domina stands shoe covered foot on face, flexing her sweaty biceps in dominance. Astro Domina reigns supreme yet again.