The diminutive, yet dominant Pandora, makes short work of her overmatched adversary in this mixed wrestling farce. Quickly ensnaring her submissive in a grapevine, Pandora mocks his futility by stating, “The struggle is real”. Clamping on an extended headscissors, Pandora methodically squeezes tight around the carotid artery as she watches her slave crumble to the mat quivering. Smoothly transitioning to an arm bar, Pandora quickly forces her inferior to tap from the pressure. Shifting over to a textbook rear naked chokehold, Pandora is clearly in control of this weak, pathetic, fool. Applying a camel clutch, she cranks the neck of this troglodyte making him humble in the process. Utilizing a “Flying Headscissors”, she crushes her opponent’s skull forcing yet another submission. Contorting his right arm in a vicious joint lock, Pandora apathetically states “aww so painful”, as her victim can only whine in agony. Bored with her prey, Pandora ensnares him in a revered reverse headscissors until the loser is snoring and convulsing from a 100% REAL knockout. Standing on his lifeless body, Pandora poses in victory fashion.