Domina Reina Simone recreates the infamous fight scene of Nadine Ross and Nathan Drake from the video game Uncharted 4. Luring her prey into her lair, Reina begins the interrogation for the elusive artifact. Stripping into her red lingerie, Reina teases, “You know you can’t resist me”. Enraged at her slave’s stubborn refusal to give her what she wants, Reina begins to pound his chest with her bare hands. Taking her victim to the ground in a side headlock, Reina mounts the weakened target and unleashes a brutal ground and pound on the chest and jaw of this idiot. Removing her patented leather boots, Reina uses her honed Krav Maga training to viciously elbow her slave. Locking on a rear naked choke and bodyscissor combination, Reina refuses to relinquish the hold until delivering a 100% REAL knockout. Continuing with a savage series of punches to her victims exposed belly, Reina is still unable to obtain the artifact from her obstinate punching bag. Applying another devastating rear naked choke, Reina delivers her second 100% REAL knockout just after the 6 minute mark. Continuing the sadistic assault, Reina finally acquires the artifact she wants. Still unsatisfied, Reina applies one last chokehold for her third and final 100% REAL knockout, standing foot on chest in victory fashion. Reina is a woman of fortune, and must seek her fortune. Sic parvis magna.   Screenshots