The Petite Powerhouse, Veve Lane, makes her return back to MMA Domination for the first time in over 6 years. Clad in black lingerie, it is instantly apparent that Veve is on a mission to destroy her slave with her dangerous thighs. As her victim quickly succumbs to the pressure of her headscissors, Veve states, “You’re turning so red”, as she apathetically watches his face change colors from lack of oxygen. Transitioning into a textbook figure four, Veve forces her slave to tap or risk having his head squeezed off. Veve then switches to a reverse figure four as she loves utilizing her lithe sinewy muscles to scissor this loser’s skull. Using every inch of her frame, Veve applies a straight headscissors, which induces a snoring sound from her opponent. Bragging about the plethora of scissorholds she has used on her prey, Veve is even able to make the pathetic loser tap out using only her butt. Segueing into a “classic” reverse, it is evident that her slave is no match for the immense pressure of Veve’s squeeze and he immediately taps out. Veve then clasps her lethal highs around her prey’s neck yet again, and she delivers a fatality followed by having to kick her slave in the face to wake him up from his nap. Still not satisfied, Veve delivers yet another fatality as she slaps the slave across the face for being too stubborn to tap. Declaring victory, Veve flexes her taut biceps while sitting on the slave’s throat. Veve Lane is back and is more vicious than ever before.