Kick-ass queen Veve Lane, jiu jitsu brown belt, trained muay thai, seasoned boxer and executrix extraordinaire, returns to MMA Domination to thoroughly destroy her hapless victim. Seconds into the mismatch, Veve, in snug shorts and sports bra, unleashes a brutal right jab, dropping the pathetic lug to his knees. Face punches, vicious knees to his big gut and one punishing body blow forces the pathetic victim down again. Veve tosses him like a rag doll, slamming savage kicks to his ribs, making him grunt in explosive pain. Pinning his arms Veve rains gloved hell on his face with ruthless punches then cinches his neck in a scissor and pummels the chubby fuck with agonizing heel kicks. She pounds his face, clamped in her crushing legs, with a dozen, jaw-jolting blows that will make you wince to watch! Veve's wristlock exposes his flabby body to more punishing punches, and an armbar nearly ruptures his shoulder socket, causing repeated taps - that she laughingly ignores. A triangle choke immobilizes the imbecile, and Veve violently launches more blows to his battered body and whimpering face. Punching and kicking him down, she stomps him to oblivion until the battered bastard can't take anymore. But Veve won't quit, flooring him with the hardest punch of the one-sided bout, and standing with a foot on his throat before forcing both foul feet into his mouth for cleaning. She ends with a luscious ass smother, popping a double bicep pose to signify her complete, terrifying and savage victory!