Touching gloves with her oversized opponent, the petite yet powerful, Ziva Fey, makes her MMA Domination debut in this boxing beatdown. Ziva begins by hammering her punching bag’s stomach and jaw, as the taekwondo black belt demonstrates that she is also a very adept boxer. As she continues her onslaught, Ziva is non-stop action as she delivers a flurry of face and belly punches to her slave’s exposed body. Showcasing her kicking prowess, Ziva unloads precise kicks and knees to the loser’s fat stomach. Ziva then delivers a vicious roundhouse to her opponent’s sternum, sending him flying backwards as she continues the attack. She then mercilessly unloads with a nasty arsenal of spinning backfists, jump kicks, and right crosses straight to her adversaries’ nose, as Ziva Fey is a flurry of high-octane fury. The rapid fire of Ziva Fey continues as her repeated blows causes her opponent’s nose to leak a red liquid from the immense punishment of her punches. Seeing the red liquid only causes the carnivorous sadist to get aroused as she finishes off her battered opponent with a flurry to the body and a knockout right cross. Ziva stands foot on crimson face and poses in victory fashion in this vicious, boxing beatdown.